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Web Application Services

The revolutionary developments in the technology renders software development most classified and highly beneficial option for holistic business growth. Caindus offer applications developed by a team of professionals to suit our client’s requirements in consonance with the global standards and help them realize organizational goals. At our end, we customize websites for small to large scale industries and manage the same on 24x7 basis. We use programming technologies like Java, C#, SQL, CSS, PHP, Java Script etc. in order to deliver a high end application at a fraction of cost.


Caindus also cater to the mobile applications development needs and work in advanced way on the famous platforms like iOS, Android etc. Our team of professionals carve a niche for client’s brand based working on high quality applications and post launch support at affordable rates. Key differentiation is price vis-à-vis quality of product delivered. That leaves you with the most educative experience to work. Investment on our development solutions offer maximum returns.

Software Testing

Software and IT organizations wanting to ensure high quality releases need to incorporate an effective quality assurance and testing program in their operations. With software product launch taking most of your resources and energy, are you left with no time to test and validate your software before its crucial release? If lack of resources, infrastructure or time is forcing you to bypass one of the essential phases of the software development life cycle, outsourcing software testing services to a specialized service provider like Caindus can help. We can efficiently handle any testing project, and ensure its successful delivery.

Our Approach to Web Application Development



Better the analysis stronger the final product that matches your requirements. Being a Web application development company, we take this part seriously and spend good amount of item and efforts here.        



The best design would be the one that makes your work easy. We are creating highly usable and eye-pleasing web app designs.


Database Logic

Database is the central part of any web application development. A well architectured and normalized database design would offer a good performance gain.



Being an experienced web application developer we understand the need of the communication from customers prospective. We communicate frequently and on demand on your preferred medium of communication.



Caindus team have expert ASP.NET, Java, PHP programmers to provide unbeatable quality of web related services including application and site designing.


API Development

You will need this while creating Mobile Application. We will write the REST endpoints of web application without extra charges. API endpoints are included in the core of our web application development. The development of API endpoints will help you save big on mobile application development.


Project Management

You will have a smooth experience working with us, you will see everything coming in place on time. We have learned many thing from previous experiences and are always building up on those. We use proven tools & techniques to manage your project.


Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing has shifted from simply detecting and preventing defects in software. Any small module of web app has to pass through tough testing standards. Be assured for the quality.


Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is the process of system performance. we tune database, optimize code and resources to make overall system work faster.



After testing, then development merges into production when you’re ready to deploy.